Tomas de Loo, Dutch architect, born in a Dutch-Polish family in The Hague. Currently living in Poland. Since 2008 actively investigating Polish architecture, art and culture by engaging in studies, work, projects, discussions and workshops. Since 2015 a collector of Polish art.


2016: ‘Water in Architecture’ workshop and architectural design as part of Self-Supporting Exhibitions [link]
2016: Creation of Amsterdom with office located in Wrocław. PL
2015: Video documentation [link] of site-specific art performance. PL
2015: Concept designs. Cooperation with Polish design team. PL
2014: Technical designs, Cooperation with local and international Dutch engineering firms. PL
2013: Concept + technical designs. NL, PL
2012: Concept designs + masterplan. NL
2011: Concept + technical designs. Receiving architect license. NL
2010: Graduate MSc at Wrocław University of Technology. PL
2009: MSc thesis in cooperation with Deltares about Building on water. NL, PL.
2008: Graduate BSc at TU Delft, NL and start MSc at Wrocław University of Technology. PL
2005: Start BSc at TU Delft. NL

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